Updated: May 23, 2018

My re-discovered refuge: bicycling. There is a freedom that comes with getting on a bike and being able to just ride. Whether you are stuck in a city (anyone else feel claustrophobic in cities?) or want to see the sights, bicycles always seem like the best option. I grew up cycling a lot with my dad so there is a nostalgia to it. When I was 10 we rode part of the Katy Trail in Missouri and it's a goal of mine to go do that again with him in the next year or two. Luckily, home offers a lot of options for cycling adventures!

Upper Left: Chameleon Mountain Bike of Santa Cruz Bicycles in Toro Park, Salinas / Upper Right: Carbon Diverge of Specialized Bicycles on Highway 68 / Bottom: Carbon Diverge of Specialized Bicycles on the peak of Carmel Valley Road

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